VBS Information

Dates: July 13-17 (each day's video will be posted)
For 3-yrs through completed 6th grades
Follow the link above to register

1. What if I can't watch the week of July 13-17? The videos will go up that week, however they will be up for 30 days (must be removed after 30 days due to copyrights).

2. Why do we register? Registration is required to be sure we have enough supplies to hand out to each child. To-go bags will be made for each child (preschool or children) for them to use during the week.

3. Can I get my child a to-go pack without registering? Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your child will be able to get a pack if he or she is not registered.

4. When can I pick up my child's to-go pack? You will be notified when they are ready to be picked up.

5. What will virtual VBS be like? We will have each class as a stand-alone video so that you can watch as many or as few as you want at a time without having to worry with pausing or trying to figure out where you may have stopped a video. Children can watch when they want to during the day and week. There will be a couple preschool specific videos and children specific videos--others will be for all watching.

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 Address. 900 High School Ave, Columbia MS

Tel. (601) 736.2608