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You may be looking for a sense of purpose or a 

place to serve God outside the walls of the church. Do you have a void in your soul where you know there should be more to your Christian life? Are you tired of your life being about the business of this world? Choose to LOVE FIRST!


A few years ago First Baptist Church experienced nearly a dozen youth being removed from their homes by child protection services in just six months. There was no question, God was calling the Church to action. After prayer and consultation with other ministries, FBC chose to LOVE FIRST! A ministry team formed with a conviction to do whatever actions were necessary to combat the major factors that were destroying so many families in the community.


LOVE FIRST has grown to provide clothes, beds, and advocacy for foster care, local disaster relief, meals, and other resources for those in poverty, and will be adding recovery and community engagement ministries soon.

Members from FBC Columbia have continued to make a positive impact for Christ in the lives of people in the community. Click here if you would like to get involved in any of the aspects of this initiative.

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

"There should be a difference in the community because the church exists, and if it left for some reason, there should be a void that's felt."  -Ed Stetzer



Foster Care
Disaster Relief
Community Engagement
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