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Mark & Pam Best

FBC Resident Missionaries

Mark & Pam Best came to FBC Columbia in mid-2020 from Chili due to no visas being renewed in light of COVID-19. They did Stateside Assignment with us and were our resident missionaries. After serving many years in Latin America and 2 years in China, they are now going to Slovakia to coordinate church planting efforts, do theological education and missionary support throughout central Europe.  Read their BEST NEWS newsletters below to find out the ministries they are involved with here stateside. They are Southern Baptist Missionaries working independently under the umbrella missionary organization MissionQuest.  Their family website is


Dear FBC Columbia church family,


We are thrilled to now be members here. We are grateful for your words, love, and acts of kindness to us this past year and a half as we have served as your Missionaries in Residence. We will leave here May 18 and arrive the next day in Slovakia to begin serving in Central Europe. In addition to church-planting, theological education, and missionary support, we are scheduled to begin working with Ukrainian refugees immediately upon our arrival. We have been given official status as humanitarian workers during this time of crisis. This may also assist us later with our resident visa status.  


Our specialty as missionaries over the past 30 years is going into difficult, and often dangerous locations: arriving in Guatemala during their Civil War, arriving in Mexico at the height of the drug war, arriving in an eastern Asian nation closed to the Gospel and hostile to our government, arriving in Chile during major rioting and unrest throughout the country, etc. Where there is danger or a need, the safest place to be is in the will of God.


Please share our plans with your Sunday School class, social groups, etc. We need your prayers.



Mark, Pam, Jesse, and Emily Best



"Sharing the Light and Love of Christ around the world."

February 2022 UPDATE: BEST NEWS


We are transitioning to Slovakia in central Europe...


Hey everyone! 

After nearly 2 years of Missionary Residence in the USA due to the Pandemic, we are excited to announce that God has now opened doors for us to move to Slovakia on May 18th! We will work full-time in central Europe as coordinators for church-planting, theological education, teaching English as a second language, and national missionary support. We are Southern Baptist missionaries working independently under the umbrella missionary service agency MissionQuest. We appreciate your prayers as we make this transition!  We will be sending out our Best News newsletter soon with further details.

Love in Christ,

Mark, Pam, Jesse, and Emily



"Sharing the Light and Love of Christ around the world." 


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