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                WE HAVE RECEIVED A LITTLE OVER $9000 toward our Margaret Lackey goal.  With three Sundays remaining we can reach the $14,500 goal with your help.  Remember, the diversity of our state demands a diversity of approaches with one repeated theme- Jesus Saves.  Let’s do our part in helping others to minister in Jesus’ name.

                NICK DAVIS’ ORDINATION COUNCIL will convene this Sunday afternoon at 4 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  If you are an ordained individual, then we hope you will attend the council.  Nick and his wife, Lindsey, are the parents of children, Karaline and Chance, and have shared in a variety of ministries in our church and have served faithfully.  The Ordination Council will recommend further action to the church, and we hope that you will make this family and this time an object of your prayer.

                THE 2017 PROPOSED BUDGET WILL BE AVAILABLE this Sunday (October 16).  The deacons will be presented the budget in their meeting, and it will be placed around the church building on that Sunday.

                You will notice a 2% decrease in the overall budget.  The Stewardship Committee and others who helped to shape this budget will inform you of their decisions, and you will have the chance to ask any questions that you may have during the Budget Discussion on Wednesday, October 26.  Make this a matter of prayer as you consider your own stewardship....read more here

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